Bellevue is one neighborhood in Nashville that has changed as much as Nashville’s music scene in the last decade. The majority of rhinestone cowboys have migrated to Vegas at this point but their ghosts are still roaming the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. The twang of a guitar used to be the resounding anthem of a city founded by singer song writers migrating here for fame. Now that Nashville has become a destination city for people all over the country the entire state is developing as fast as a Charlie Daniels fiddle solo. The areas immediately outside of the city have growing pains and resonate with the lingering echos of Nashville’s historical past. For a long while Bellevue was a small community mostly composed of huge expanses of farmland. As Nashville grows Bellevue has morphed into a collection of suburbs and shopping strips surrounded by gorgeous hiking trails. Since Bellevue is one of the areas 15-20 minutes outside of Nashville, it is convenient and well priced and as a result it has grown rapidly in popularity. Bellevue has many new options for great shopping, outdoor activities, and a painless commute into town.

Many of the Bellevue apartment options are a little bit older compared to Downtown Nashville apartments but most of the apartments in Bellevue have undergone extensive renovations. There are a handful of new mid-rise communities comparable to the high end finishes of downtown apartments but the majority of apartment options in Bellevue will be older with varying stages of upgraded finishes. Bellevue apartments are composed of mostly mid-rise apartments and walk up garden style apartments. This is one area of Nashville that has many options for three bedroom apartments and far more square footage than apartments in Downtown Nashville. Bellevue has one of the few apartment options in Nashville with gas stoves and most of the communities in Bellevue have stunning tree views and resort style amenities. An apartment in Bellevue feels like a vacation destination with its peaceful surroundings. If you want to sit on your screened in patio with your guitar or your coffee alone and maniacally laugh about all the money you are saving not living in a high rise downtown you only have a bunch of trees to judge you. It is far enough away from the city to offer respite but such a quick Uber or Lyft away from Downtown you can still Honky Tonk yourself through a weekend without fear of having to set up a tent on Broadway until Monday.

If you are roaming through Bellevue for the first time, check out Percy Warner and Edwin Warner park for some incredible nature inspired moments of self reflection. If all that self reflection makes you hungry or you want to eat your feelings,  check out the new One Bellevue Place for a ton of different dining options. Retail therapy available as well. Stop by the recently opened Bar Louie for some cocktails or hit up Chicken Salad Chick for a tasty blob of chicken salad that tastes way better than what you grew up eating at potlucks.

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