Nov 2023

Apartment Living in Nashville: What Amenities to Look for When Renting

If you’re thinking about moving to Nashville and looking for your first apartment, you’ve come to the right place. With its vibrant music industry, endless food and entertainment options, and growing job market, Nashville is an amazing city to call home—but sometimes, it can be hard to decide what to look for in an apartment. From pet-friendly buildings to resort-style pools, renting an apartment in Nashville offers a ton of possible amenities. This blog post will break down what you should look for when you’re shopping around for an apartment in Music City. We’ll cover everything from the must-haves to the nice-to-haves that will help you find a home you love. So, buckle up and get ready to make your apartment dreams come true—next stop, Nashville!

Quick Summary of Key Points

It is important to research the area to find out what amenities are available in Nashville apartments. Consider essentials like proximity to public transportation, safety of the neighborhood, and whether the complex offers additional amenities such as swimming pools or fitness centers.

Location, Location, Location

As with any city, when it comes to apartment living in Nashville, location is a major consideration. Whether you’re looking for an urban or suburban experience, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of every area when choosing where you want to call home.

For those preferring the convenience of city living, Downtown Nashville offers plenty of popular amenities and attractions. From its vibrant nightlife, to ample shopping and dining options, downtown Living provides the ultimate in liveliness and convenience. Residents in this area have easy access to transit systems and can easily walk or bike to most amenities. However, apartments in this region do come with higher rental prices due to the prime location.

At the same time, some renters are seeking a more laid-back lifestyle that still offers proximity to excitement when wanted. Suburban neighborhoods such as Hillsboro Village or Sylvan Park offer younger demographics appealing to students as well as first-time renters. These areas provide great value for money as apartments tend to be more spacious and quieter than their downtown counterparts. The downside being that some popular activities may not be located within walking distance and may require a car or public transportation for access.

Before deciding on your preferred location of residence in Nashville, consider all potential advantages of each neighborhood carefully and weigh the overall cost vs benefits for your desired lifestyle prior to signing a rental lease agreement.

Now that we have established the importance of finding the ideal location for renting an apartment in Nashville, let's take a closer look at the walkability aspect next.

Essential Summary Points

Location is an important consideration when renting an apartment in Nashville. Downtown offers a vibrant nightlife and amenities but at a higher price, whereas suburban neighborhoods such as Hillsboro Village or Sylvan Park offer great value for money with the downside of some popular activities being not within walking distance. Before signing a rental lease agreement, consider all potential advantages of each neighborhood carefully and weigh the overall cost vs benefits for your desired lifestyle. Next, we will look closer at the walkability aspect.


Walkability is an important consideration to keep in mind when renting an apartment in Nashville. Many popular areas of the city offer apartments conveniently placed within walking distance of everyday necessities, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and coffee shops. Many renters may prefer the convenience of having quick access to these amenities and not having to go out of their way to get them, so walkability is a great perk.

On the other hand, some renters, particularly those that prefer an area with a more suburban or residential atmosphere, may opt for a location that is less walkable. Some potential drawbacks associated with this choice can include slower access to stores and restaurants since having to commute by car or public transit can take up more time. Additionally, being further away from downtown Nashville—where many busy streets tend to be—can often mean noise levels that are better suited for relaxation.

Thus, when looking for an apartment in Nashville it is important to examine all options available in terms of walkability. This way, renters can ensure they find the ideal spot based on both practicality and preference. Before moving onto the next section about nearby amenities, prospective renters should carefully consider their own desired degree of walkability.

The following section will cover the importance of considering nearby amenities when renting an apartment in Nashville.

  • According to a survey conducted in 2017, the top three amenities Nashville tenants desired most were in-unit washer/dryers (51%), balconies/patios (35%), and swimming pools (32%).
  • The same survey found that 25% of renters in Nashville ranked hardwood floors as their most desirable amenity.
  • A survey conducted by Apartment Guide in 2018 found that 27% of tenants said they wanted their rental residence to provide convenient access to entertainment and restaurants within walking distance.

Nearby Amenities

When renting an apartment in Nashville, potential tenants should consider the amenities located nearby. Many renters decide to live in apartments with a convenient location near restaurants, entertainment venues, and grocery stores. For example, if you're searching for an apartment in downtown Nashville, a location near Broadway or the Gulch provides easy access to many of the city's most popular restaurants, clubs, and stores.

On the other hand, some individuals prefer to be further away from such amenities, as it can mean less noise and distractions. An apartment community located farther from downtown may offer more peace and quiet at night and on weekends. There are also typically shopping centers located within a few miles of many apartment complexes, which provide convenient access to necessities without crowds or late night bars and clubs.

Regardless of your preference for proximity to nearby amenities, it is important to research all the options carefully before selecting your new apartment home. Now that we have discussed nearby amenities, let’s move onto our next section concerning pool and community amenities.

Pool and Community Amenities

When searching for an apartment in Nashville, potential tenants should pay special attention to the pool and community amenities. On one hand, tenants may value having access to a pool and other amenities like BBQ areas, clubhouses, fitness centers and/or cyber cafés. These can be great places to socialize with friends or neighbors, exercise, work remotely, or simply relax by the water. However, depending on the location of the complex, maintaining such features may require additional fees or a larger security deposit. It’s important for tenants to understand any associated expenses before renting and make sure those amenities fit within their budget.

Additionally, tenants should inquire about safety measures surrounding swimming pools. Most management companies have specific guidelines tenants must adhere to when using the pool area; for example, no children under 18 years old without supervision and/or no glass containers near poolside. If tenants have children or other dependents that will be using the pool area, they should make sure there are rules that help ensure their safety during visits.

Aside from these considerations, prospective renters should always research what kind of community services may come along with their potential homes. This could include pet-friendly policies or pet waste stations around the complex; maintenance emergency contacts; various activities that may be organized at different times throughout the year or even community discounts to local businesses. Knowing what is available ahead of time can be beneficial in helping select an apartment that’s not only comfortable but also offers plenty of surrounding features and activities.

In the end, finding an apartment in Nashville with desirable pool and community amenities might require some extra research and patience. But if treated right, this can give prospecting renters a much more enjoyable apartment living experience overall. Next we will look into modern kitchen and room features which can greatly add onto that experience when done right.

Modern Kitchen and Room Features

When renting an apartment in Nashville, modern kitchen and room features can be some of the most important considerations. Not only do they have a direct impact on the daily life of residents, but they also add to the overall aesthetic of the space. When looking for an apartment, consider the following:

Modern Kitchen Features: Many modern kitchens are equipped with contemporary appliances that help make cooking and food preparation easier and more efficient. For example, a range or oven with adjustable temperature settings allows for precise control when baking or roasting, while stainless steel finishings give a sleek and sophisticated look. Additionally, cabinets should have pull-out shelving systems for easy storage and access as well as adequate counter space for proper meal prep.

Room Amenities: The various rooms in your new home should include essential amenities that make living in them more convenient. For instance, each bedroom should come with enough outlets to accomodate the necessary electronics that people use every day such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Closets should provide ample space for belongings while evaporative coolers can help reduce electricity costs while providing effective cooling solutions versus installing air-conditioning units.

Overall, when searching for an apartment in Nashville it is important to understand what modern kitchen and room features are available and which will best suit your lifestyle needs. With thoughtful consideration about the different amenities offered you will be able to find an apartment that not only meets your practical requirements but also looks stylish and inviting.

Next we will look at unique apartment furnishings and aesthetics to create the perfect living space!

Unique Apartment Furnishings and Aesthetics

When renting an apartment in Nashville, unique furnishings and aesthetics can be an important factor for prospective renters. Factors like furniture, paint color, and window treatments may not seem as essential as amenities like a swimming pool or gym. However, décor is still important to many potential residents. Consequently, it’s critical that prospective tenants check out the apartment in person to get a better understanding of the furnishings and aesthetic style of the unit.

One advantage of some rental units over their more traditional counterparts is their modern and updated furniture packages which include beds, sofas, chairs, dining tables, desks, and TVs that are already assembled and in good condition. For example, if someone has just moved to Nashville and hasn’t had time to shop for new furniture yet, they can benefit from this kind of convenience. This type of furniture also makes rearranging rooms easier if moving from one property to another.

On the other hand, some renters would prefer vintage furniture pieces or antiques over contemporary designs, so it is important for renters to see what furniture has already been set up at their desired property. Although most apartment buildings have standard furniture packages that may only slightly differ from unit to unit, some rare properties do offer custom styles for those with a particular preference for luxurious design and decor. Furthermore, the majority of rental units have tasteful paint colors that create a pleasant atmosphere in common areas such as lobbies and hallways, making these areas inviting and warm while allowing your individual units to stand out when visitors enter your home.

Finally, higher end apartments are likely to boast attractive window treatments that add a layer of comfort between outside elements such as sun glare and overheating as well as creating additional privacy within the home. From drapes or outdoor shades to shutters - unique furnishings and aesthetics are definitely something worth considering when renting an apartment in Nashville.

Now that we have covered unique apartment furnishings and aesthetics, let's move on to our next section where we focus on nearby restaurants, retail stores and entertainment options available at different rental properties across the city.

Nearby Restaurants, Retail, and Entertainment Options

When choosing an apartment in Nashville, a key factor to consider is the range of nearby restaurants, retail, and entertainment options. Fortunately, living in such a vibrant city offers seemingly endless opportunities. Nashville is known for its amazing dining scene, which features cuisine from all over the world. From upscale steakhouses to authentic Southern barbecue, there is something delicious just around the corner.

Retail shopping is plentiful as well. From high-end fashion stores to thrift shops, there are options for every budget and style preference. The downtown area boasts an array of unique boutique stores where you can find anything from jewelry and handcrafted furniture to designer fashion items. There’s also a range of convenient chain stores located throughout the city.

Finally, Nashville has no shortage of entertainment for people of all ages. Whether you enjoy live music, plays, or festivals, there’s something new happening almost every night. With big venues like Bridgestone Arena and smaller neighborhood theaters like The Basement East, it’s easy to find something that fits your taste in music or arts.

Living in this vibrant city provides plenty of nearby restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment options – so renters can relax knowing that they will never be bored or go hungry. With so much to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless!

Looking ahead to the next section: Apartment amenities can offer even more options for entertaining yourself and your guests. In the following section we will discuss the various amenities available when renting an apartment in Nashville and how they can cater to any lifestyle.

Nashville Apartment Amenities for Every Lifestyle

Nashville can accommodate almost any lifestyle with its variety of apartment amenities. Whether you’re a fitness guru or someone who loves the latest technology, there is something for everyone.

Fitness: Nashville is all about staying healthy and active, so it’s no surprise that local apartments offer plenty of fitness options. Many apartment complexes feature state-of-the-art fitness centers complete with free weights and cardiovascular machines. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunity for exploring and exercising, as some complexes are located close to hiking trails, bike paths, and parks.

Technology: For tech-savvy renters, many Nashville apartments include some of the latest technological advances. From built-in home automation systems to high-speed internet access, modern apartment renters have access to a wide range of technology amenities. Some complexes even offer concierge services that allow tenants to book events online or order food delivery through an app.

Entertainment: Nashville offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment, from outdoor music venues to art galleries and museums. Many complexes offer movie nights on the lawn or in their leasing offices, while others provide complimentary streaming services or TV channels in their amenity package. Apartment communities may also provide residents with access to shared clubhouses and swimming pools, giving them the ability to take advantage of all the city has to offer without breaking the bank.

Safety & Security: Nashville’s crime rate has dropped significantly over the past few years thanks to improved law enforcement measures. Most rental properties now include security cameras and alarm systems for added peace of mind, while more luxurious properties might even offer concierge services that monitor entrances and exits 24/7.

Cost Considerations: With so many amenities available in Nashville, it can be tempting to choose an apartment solely based on its offerings without considering cost implications. However, it’s important to remember that apartments with more features tend to come at a higher price tag — but they likely also come with lower utility bills in the long run thanks to energy-efficient appliances and features like motion sensors that can help reduce energy waste. Keep these costs in mind when searching for a place, as they could end up saving you money down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What makes a good apartment in Nashville?

A good apartment in Nashville should offer plenty of amenities that add convenience and comfort to daily life. Look for properties that provide access to public transportation, ample parking, or a city shuttle or train system so you can easily get around and explore the city. Other amenities to consider include in-unit laundry facilities, onsite fitness center or pool, outdoor or rooftop lounging space, and convenient location close to popular attractions and businesses. Safety should also be a priority when renting an apartment in Nashville, so make sure the community has secure buildings with modern security systems and that there is an attentive maintenance team regularly patrolling the grounds.

What amenities do most apartments in Nashville offer?

Most apartments in Nashville offer a variety of amenities to choose from. Common features include on-site laundry facilities, utilities included in rent (such as water, sewer, and trash services), fitness centers, pools, clubhouse or common areas for hosting events, and business centers. Some buildings may also offer additional features such as pet friendly accommodations, covered parking options, or private balconies or patios. Ultimately, it is important to determine which amenities are most important to you when selecting an apartment in Nashville.

What additional amenities should I look for when renting an apartment in Nashville?

When looking for an apartment in Nashville, you should consider the additional amenities that can add value to your living experience. Consider extras like on-site fitness and recreational centers, modern media rooms, or swimming pools. Additionally, look for pet-friendly amenities such as dog parks or dedicated leash-walking areas. Apartment complexes that offer 24 hour concierge services or maintenance teams are also beneficial. Amenities such as secured entrances, internet access, and added security measures can be especially important when renting in a city environment. Finally, look for apartments that have easy access to public transportation or nearby highways to make commuting and traveling easier.

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