If you are too cool for coolness itself  and you have a trust fund or a great job, you probably live in Germantown. This delightfully gritty neighborhood has undergone a makeover as dramatic as Miley Cyrus after her twerking phase. The industrial structures that remain in Germantown are the skeleton holding together a neighborhood with an artistic and unconventional feel. Inside that skeleton is a heart with cardiovascular disease because the trendy and high end food options in Germantown are endless. Truly a foodie’s paradise and extremely walkable, Germantown has become one of the most popular areas of Nashville for anyone used to living in a large city. Think like a super cute and less terrifying Gotham City. If Batman lived in Nashville and didn’t want to live in the Batman building because that would be too cliche, he would for sure live in Germantown. I’m pretty sure he’s been spotted once or twice although it is possible it was just an urban outdoorsman wearing a cape. Germantown is like East Nashville’s more mature older sibling and just like an older brother or sister it’s close enough to keep an eye on its kin. Germantown is extremely close to Downtown as well as East Nashville and is a convenient alternative to living right in the middle of the city. Germantown features boutique shopping and some of the best coffee in Nashville. Did I mention the food? I might have just drooled on the keyboard thinking about my dinner in Germantown last night. Please don’t tell Batman.

The apartments in Germantown are mostly mid-rise apartments with luxury amenities and finishes. Since the majority of the mid-rise apartments in Germantown are brand new, they feature top of the line pools, fitness centers and community spaces. Many Germantown apartments include sky lounges with views of Downtown Nashville. Since Germantown is such a walkable and bike-able neighborhood, all of the apartments are located near phenomenal restaurants and bars. The majority of apartments include granite or quartz counter tops, hard wood flooring and higher than average ceiling heights. Germantown is extremely pet friendly and many apartments in Germantown have pet parks attached. The Nashville Greenway is very close to many of the apartments in Germantown and many communities feature outdoor fitness classes and group workouts.

If you are ready to sacrifice the top button of your pants, try Butchertown Hall for some incredible smoked meats and glazed Brussel sprouts but be aware that you might be publicly shamed if you order a Diet Coke instead of one of their delicious craft beverages. Silo has delicious food and cocktails with a brilliant happy hour and Germantown Cafe is the spot for Brunch. 5th &Taylor is a phenomenal spot for dinner or a date. If you finally stop eating and want to roll yourself through the streets looking for activities, check out the Farmer’s Market or catch a show at the the Germantown Performing Arts Center. The Germantown Art Crawl is the third Saturday of every month and is an awesome way to get a feel for the vibe of the neighborhood and its talented residents.

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