Hendersonville is a very historical area of Nashville with its past rooted in country music. This city by the lake was home to many of the founding members of pure old fashioned outlaw country. Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash and Conway Twitty all lived in Hendersonville. It’s said that late at night if you are out on the lake you can still hear the echoes of a steel guitar sliding over the water of Old Hickory. Actually, that’s completely made up but it was cool to think about for a minute right?  Hendersonville is located on Old Hickory Lake and many of the properties in Hendersonville feature gorgeous lake views and waterfront access. Hendersonville and Gallatin both offer estates with more acreage than you might find closer to the city and both cities have plenty of dining and shopping options.

Almost all the apartments in Hendersonville and Gallatin are walk-up, garden style apartments. Most of the apartments in Gallatin and Hendersonville are older than the apartment options in the Downtown Nashville apartment market but most have seen various stages of renovation. Depending on the community you could find an apartment in Hendersonville with updated appliances and new community amenities. The majority of apartments in Hendersonville feature pools, fitness centers and pet parks. Many apartment options offer boat storage as well.

If you are feeling adventurous during your visit to Hendersonville try  learning how to scuba dive at Scuba Nashville!  The Rudder at Anchor High Marina has drinks and live music on the water and Awedaddy’s Bar & Grill is another local hotspot for burgers, beer and live local bands.

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