Murfreesboro is an expanding city about thirty minutes outside of Downtown Nashville. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and home to Middle Tennessee State University. Because it is a college city, the vibe in Murfreesboro is an eclectic  mixture of both residential neighborhoods and fast growing pockets of shopping dining and bars. Just like Nashville, Murfreesboro has a culture thriving in music and there are festivals throughout the year. Nashville has exploded in popularity over the last decade and as it grows, Murfreesboro has also seen more and more expansion as well. The apartment pricing in Murfreesboro tends to stay a bit more affordable compared to rents in Downtown Nashville. Since Murfreesboro is only about 35 miles out from Downtown, the area is an affordable option with a reasonable commute into the city.

in Murfreesboro are mostly composed of garden style communities. Most options are a bit older and have been renovated to different degrees over the last few years. A few of the newer communities feature more high end amenities like granite countertops and hard wood vinyl flooring. Most of the apartment communities in Murfreesboro have pools, fitness centers, community spaces and pet parks.

Try and schedule your visit to Murfreesboro during the Main Street Jazzfest or the Boro Fondo, a bike tour and local artist festival. There are plenty of options for shopping in Murfreesboro including The Avenue Murfreesboro, which is an outdoor collection of shops and dining. Be sure and check out Toot’s for some awesome chicken. Marina on the Square is a great spot for a delicious slice of pizza and a local favorite.

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