South Nashville encompasses the popular Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood and stretches all the way out to Antioch, an affordable outlying neighborhood of Nashville. Everyone in Nashville seemed to blink at once and the little shops and restaurants in Wedgewood-Houston materialized in what was once a very urban and industrial area of Nashville. South Nashville is a transitioning neighborhood and once you travel a bit farther out past Wedgewood-Houston, the little boutiques and restaurants morph into strip malls and local dining options. Antioch is convenient to Downtown and far more affordable than a lot of the neighboring cities on the outskirts of Nashville. It has changed a lot over the last decade and continues to develop as the city matures.

The majority of apartments in South Nashville are garden style apartments and most of them are quite a bit older than the apartments Downtown. Though they are a bit more dated, many apartments in the Antioch area have seen various stages of renovation and still feature basic amenities such as pools, fitness centers and dog parks. Many apartments in Antioch feature washer and dryer hookups or laundry rooms onsite. Because the apartments in South Nashville tend to be of the more vintage variety and not as walkable as the apartments Downtown, they are significantly more affordable. If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a bell or a whistle, Antioch might be a great option. Apartments in Antioch tend to offer a bit more square footage than properties Downtown due to a more classic style and design. If you have a dining room table you have an emotional relationship with, an Antioch apartment might accommodate the space and layout that works best for your situation.

If you start your tour of South Nashville in Wedgewood-Houston check out the Arts and Music Crawl on the first Saturday of every month. Santa’s Pub is a local hot spot for some down and dirty karaoke.  Antioch is convenient to many different grocery stores, Target, Walmart and Costco. The taco trucks in Antioch offer some of the best street tacos in the city but consider clearing your schedule the next day if your intestines have been trained to recognize tex-mex as Mexican and you have a reaction to the authentic flavor and spice.

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